The New ISO 14644-1 Regulations: An Overview

Revisions were made to the ISO 14644-1 and -2 regulations in November 2015, coming into effect in January 2016. Because these standards regulate the classification of airborne cleanliness, the changes impact companies in a wide range of industries – anywhere that a clean-room is utilized. In this document, we provide a comprehensive overview of the […]

Clean Room Classification for Manufacturing CBD Oil in South Africa

A clean room classification refers to how clean the air is in a clean room environment. Different clean rooms have different requirements to ensure that the required level of clean air is always maintained . Clean rooms are commonly associated with industries, where the sterility of the environment and prevention of cross-contamination are paramount. Clean […]

ISO Compliance – The importance of regulatory bodies and updating standards

There are currently more than 21 000 ISO standards, regulating an extremely broad range of fields (other than electrical and electronic engineering). Designed by experts, ISO standards can bring many benefits to compliant companies and their customers as they facilitate the optimization of work operations. ISO Standards and Their Importance It is important that companies […]