Nuclear Power Safety Concerns & The HEPA Filter’s Atomic Origin Story

The next South African elections are looming, and the population feels the atomic weight of what to put on the ballot. Energy is a significant factor influencing many voters. Some are looking to the option of atomic energy, with the country’s nuclear Koeberg power station sitting at the back of their minds. Of course, nuclear […]

The Necessity Of Air Filtration Systems In The Food And Beverage Industry

A deeper look into why it is essential for food and beverage producers to maintain clean, filtered air in the various stages of food and beverage production. The importance of air filtration in the food industry While strolling down the various aisles in their local supermarkets, most people have not considered what it truly takes […]

Safe change housing for HEPA filter systems

HEPA filter systems are designed to filter harmful chemicals, micro-organisms and microbiological airborne contaminants from the air. These high efficiency particulate air filters can be installed in bio-safety cabinets or mounted on the wall or ceilings as well as in air discharge systems connected to hazardous industries. Safe change housing for HEPA filter systems Due […]