Cleanroom Gowning Procedures 101: A Guide

One of the biggest threats to the sterility of a clean-room is the workers who carry out duties inside it. There is always a risk of contamination due to inadequate and improper gowning procedures. Lab coats, gloves and other personal protective equipment exist to minimise this risk, but without correct gowning procedures, their efficacy is […]

Vivid Air – Cleanroom Validations throughout South Africa

What is a cleanroom? A cleanroom is a modular environment in which several factors are kept under control, including; relative humidity, temperature, differential pressure, airborne particulates, microbes, and air flow. Regular cleanroom validations are a vital part of achieving cleanroom compliance prior to operation. Additionally, further validation is required during operation to ensure that a […]

Cleanroom Validations – Validation Technician Training

Cleanroom validations are required not only after a new cleanroom has been built, but also intermittently throughout its life. The Importance of Cleanroom Validations The following are important Operational Qualifications (OQ) which must be shown to be correct when cleanroom validations take place: The movement of air within and between cleanrooms The amount of air […]