Air filtration, cosmetic industry, big factory, creating lotion

A closer look at why air filtration is a necessary step in the manufacturing of cosmetics products South Africa is the market leader in Africa for cosmetics products. In fact, the cosmetic sector brought in a staggering $2,3 billion in revenue in 2018 alone, and this figure was expected to have climbed over the following […]

The Importance of Training Your Clean-room Personnel

Clean-rooms depend on the avoidance of microbial contamination to function effectively. It is of no consequence how advanced the equipment in a clean-room is if the people who operate it are not well trained. The positive effects of HEPA filters, carefully regulated airflow, step-over benches and other contamination-control interventions can be negated by workers lacking […]

Cleanroom Gowning Procedures 101: A Guide

One of the biggest threats to the sterility of a clean-room is the workers who carry out duties inside it. There is always a risk of contamination due to inadequate and improper gowning procedures. Lab coats, gloves and other personal protective equipment exist to minimise this risk, but without correct gowning procedures, their efficacy is […]