Cleanroom Validations – Validation Technician Training

Cleanroom validations are required not only after a new cleanroom has been built, but also intermittently throughout its life. The Importance of Cleanroom Validations The following are important Operational Qualifications (OQ) which must be shown to be correct when cleanroom validations take place: The movement of air within and between cleanrooms The amount of air […]

Clean Room Classification for Manufacturing CBD Oil in South Africa

A clean room classification refers to how clean the air is in a clean room environment. Different clean rooms have different requirements to ensure that the required level of clean air is always maintained . Clean rooms are commonly associated with industries, where the sterility of the environment and prevention of cross-contamination are paramount. Clean […]

Positive and Negative Air pressurisation for Fan Filter Units

As we manage the Corona Virus Pandemic, the sterility of our environments as well as the air quality around us must be assessed. This pandemic will burden our society for some time to come and the World Health Organisation has advised that rooms be adequately ventilated when dealing with the Corona Virus. Cleanrooms, Laboratories and […]

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