The Importance of Unidirectional Laminar Flow in an Operating Theatre

Unidirectional flow in theatre plays a crucial role in sterility and preventing hospital-acquired infections during surgery. In addition, clean air distribution is fundamental to the health and safety of the surgery team and also provides a comfortable working environment. What is Unidirectional Flow? Unidirectional flow is characterised by streamlines that do not cross over each […]

Vivid Air’s Germicidal (UV-C) UV Light Housing for Sterilization

Ultraviolet light is a highly effective method of providing fast, efficient in-activation of micro-organisms. This makes it a useful alternative to chemical disinfection methods. Germicidal UV Sterilization Housing Because UV light is extremely effective for killing a large variety of harmful bacteria, moulds, viruses, yeasts and other pathogens, it can be used in various environments, […]

Acid Storage Cabinets and Safe Storage of Hazardous Substances

Acid storage cabinets are required in all environments where hazardous chemicals are handled and are most typically used to store small amounts of chemical substances in a laboratory or workplace for regular use. Storing hazardous chemicals in the right way is imperative for the safety of laboratory technicians and other personnel in the workplace. Laboratory […]

Season’s Greetings and Well Wishes from Vivid Air South Africa

As we all know, the year 2020 didn’t exactly turn out as everyone had planned, as the notorious COVID-19 pandemic turned the entire globe upside down almost overnight. 2020 marked the start of a brand-new decade and with it came many big plans, goals and dreams which were swiftly placed on hold by a single, […]

Time to Upgrade: 7 Signs You Need a New Biosafety Cabinet

Biosafety cabinets, often referred to as Bio-hazardous safety cabinets or abbreviated to BSCs, don’t last forever. Also known as biological safety cabinets or microbiological safety cabinets, BSCs provide safe, enclosed spaces for working with contaminants. These essential features of laboratories can typically be used for 15-25 years, but they do suffer wear and tear, and […]

What is a UVC Dosimeter and How Does it Work?

In clean air environments where sterility is crucial, it’s important to ensure that your sterilization method and cycle achieve the desired results. One type of sterilization is UVC radiation exposure. Vivid Air is one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of clean air equipment in South Africa and our latest product provides the perfect solution […]

Protecting Your Personnel: Working with Oncology Bio-safety Cabinets

Chemotherapy drugs, of which there are over 100 types, remain the primary treatment for cancer today. These chemical substances are also known as antineoplastic agents or cytotoxins and, because of their cell-destroying nature, are extremely hazardous. While they may benefit cancer patients, they pose a serious occupational risk to pharmacists and other laboratory personnel who […]

Wet Scrubbers: The Importance of Proper Use and Maintenance

Wet scrubbers play a crucial role in the safe discharge of exhaust emissions from industrial workshops, laboratories and manufacturing facilities by removing particles and harmful gases from the discharged air-stream, they help keep workers, the premises and the surrounding environment safe from contaminants. Additionally, they require regular maintenance, a portion of the responsibility for which […]

ISO Compliance – The importance of regulatory bodies and updating standards

There are currently more than 21 000 ISO standards, regulating an extremely broad range of fields (other than electrical and electronic engineering). Designed by experts, ISO standards can bring many benefits to compliant companies and their customers as they facilitate the optimization of work operations. ISO Standards and Their Importance It is important that companies […]

Omicron – The Variant Everyone is Talking About

Although it has only been a few days since the discovery of the new Covid-19 variant, everyone is talking about it, asking questions, and wondering if it’s a cause for serious concern. Various countries have responded by closing their borders to most Southern Africa countries in a desperate attempt to contain the spread of the […]

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