Enhancing Biomedical Research Safety: The Pivotal Role of Biological Safety Cabinets

VividAir VA6000P Series Ductless Fume Extraction Cabinet

In the rapidly advancing field of biomedical research, a myriad of experimental activities pave the way for significant medical advancements. Central to these activities is the biological safety cabinet (BSC) – an essential apparatus that ensures the integrity of research across various disciplines. These cabinets are not merely equipment; they are the vigilant guardians of […]

Protecting Your Personnel: Working with Oncology Bio-safety Cabinets

Chemotherapy drugs, of which there are over 100 types, remain the primary treatment for cancer today. These chemical substances are also known as antineoplastic agents or cytotoxins and, because of their cell-destroying nature, are extremely hazardous. While they may benefit cancer patients, they pose a serious occupational risk to pharmacists and other laboratory personnel who […]