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VA 6002 Ducted Fume Extraction Cabinet

Specifications (VA 6002)

  • The Vivid Air 2ft Ducted Fume Extraction Cabinet (FEC) is only available as a fixed unit
  • The 2ft FEC is a self standing unit and can be picked up and relocated to nearby positions and plugged into the mains power source
  • The unit sucks air in through the bottom aperture and passes through a carbon filter where odors are removed before expelling it via the ducting to the outside of the room/building
  • These units are normally found in class rooms where small operation requirement is needed


Cabinet Details

External Section:

  • All external panels are constructed from mild steel which is epoxy powder coated with polycarbonate sides and front


Internal Section:

  • The work surface of the units are constructed of stainless steel with polycarbonate sides and front


This Workstation Offers:

  • Compact Workstation
  • Limited portability
  • All Round viewing



  • Plexiglass all around
  • Full access folding sash
  • 1 Piece work surface design – no joints or gaps in the construction
  • 1 x 15wt fluorescent light
  • 750mm Width, nominal depth 700mm
  • 220V AC power