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Water Tap – Wall Mounted

VA 12002w Water Tap – Wall Mounted


All Vivid Air supplied taps and fittings are manufactured of the highest quality materials, primarily brass.

Stainless steel is also used where required. The surfaces of all the fittings are finished in chemically resistant polyester powder coat.

All handles are moulded in chemical resistant polypropylene coloured to match the service medium in accordance with EN 13792 – 2002.


There are 6 possible combinations of water fittings

  • Portable water – cold (Green/Blue)*
  • Portable water – hot (Green/Red)*
  • Non-portable water – cold (Green/Yellow/Blue)*
  • Non-portable water – hot (Green/Yellow/Red)*
  • Distilled water (special) (Green/White)*
  • Deionised water (special) (Green/Grey/Blue)*


Special Water taps & fittings are required for Distilled, Deionised, De-mineralised and R/O types of pure water.

The Water Fume cupboard spout and the Water Wall mounted valve are manufactured with a standard 100mm standout from the cabinet inner wall. This is so that the taps are in line with the drip cups.

* Denotes: Handle Colour coding 


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