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HEPA Mini-Pleat Filter (Panel-type) Gel Seal 119-13842-3864

HEPA Mini-Pleat Filter (Panel-type) Gel Seal

• No corrugated separator
• High efficiency & low pressure drop
• Allow great amount of media in shallow depth
• No out gasing
• Leak tightness by means of gel
• Can be assembled without clamps
Efficiency: H11/H13/H14 EN1822 standard
Frame: Extruded & anodized aluminium
 Galvanised steel
 Stainless steel
Media: Glass fiber
Faceguard: Aluminium mesh
Sealant: Polyurethane
Gasket: Gel Seal
Separator: Hot-melt beads
Recommended final pressure: 600Pa
Temperature: ≤80ºC
Humidity: ≤100% RH
Mounting system: Manufactured for Gel seal mounting system

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