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VA 2000 Type Biological Safety Cabinet Class II A2 119-13842-4938

VA 2000 RAD Type B2 Class II Biological Safety Cabinet

Type B2 – 0% recirculate and 100% exhaust

The VA 2000 B2 series (according to SANS-1050 and VC 8041, EN 12469 & BS 5726), Biosafety Cabinet is a 100% exhaust cabinet manufactured in compliance with international standards for the protection of the material, the operator and the environment against biological hazards. This cabinet is efficiently used in the treatment of class CDC-2/3, DHSS-B2/B1 micro-organisms and must be ducted to discharge the exhaust air to atmosphere via the correct filtration system.

The VA 2000 B2 series cabinet is fitted with a constant volume fan to keep a constant HEPA filtered face velocity in the work chamber and must be installed with an external extraction fan connected directly to the exhaust aperture and suitably sized to extract the correct amount of air necessary to maintain the safety barrier over the working aperture and the constant 100% extract air ratio.

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