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VA 2000 Type Biological Safety Cabinet Class II A2 119-13842-4938

VA 2000 RAD Type A2 Class II Biological Safety Cabinet

Type A2 – 70% recirculate and 30% exhaust.  

The VA 2000 RAD series cabinets are Microbiohazard cabinets, according to the definitions now adopted by all the main international standards, with about 70% laminar flow recirculated air and 30% extracted air, with prior HEPA filtering, Suitable for the treatment of class CDC-2/3, DHSS-B2/B1 microorganisms, and wherever a product-personnel-environment cross-protection is required.

Especially suitable for applications such as:

  • Manipulation of eziologic agents having a known pathogenicity on humans and animals.
  • Presence of high concentrations of biologic material.
  • Presence of agents likely to cause genetic alternations or synergetic activities with other
  • Oncogenic viruses.

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