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What is a UVC Dosimeter and How Does it Work?

In clean air environments where sterility is crucial, it’s important to ensure that your sterilization method and cycle achieve the desired results. One type of sterilization is UVC radiation exposure. 

Vivid Air is one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of clean air equipment in South Africa and our latest product provides the perfect solution to verify the required dose of UVC radiation has been achieved within your cleanroom or health care facility or public space.

Introducing the Vivid Air UVC Dosimeter.

UVC Dosimeter

What is a UVC Dosimeter?

In our previous article, we explain how UVC rays are used to disinfect and sterilize tools and surfaces in clean air environments.

Our UVC dosimeter is a visual indicator used to measure UVC exposure and it works in an interesting way.

How Does a UVC Dosimeter Work?

Before the UV cycle begins, the dosimeter is placed in the room or area where UVC sterilization will take place. Throughout the UVC exposure cycle, the dosimeter will change colour at different energy levels.

How does the colour change happen? At the center of the dosimeter, there is photo-chromatic ink which, when exposed to UVC radiation, changes colour.

Why it’s Important to Use UVC Dosimeters

UVC dosimeters offer the following important benefits:

  • Assists with setting up a new UVC fixture – A dosimeter can be used to ensure the UVC radiation is reaching all the surfaces you need them to
  • Decreases disinfection time – Without a dosimeter, you may continue the disinfection run cycle for longer than necessary, wasting both time and energy. A dosimeter will let you know when the required level of radiation exposure has been met

Additionally, dosimeters are tools that have the ability to indicate when a UVC light has reached the end of its lifespan. A UVC light that is no longer working as it should, also does not sterilize as it should, which poses an obvious health and safety risk. Although there are other, more expensive measuring tools which can measure the strength and efficacy of a UVC light, dosimeters offer a more cost-effective alternative without compromising on accuracy.

Vivid Air – Suppliers and Manufacturers of Clean Air Equipment in South Africa

Our dosimeters play an integral role in achieving and maintaining a sterile working environment and helps to ensure tools and surfaces are being exposed to the correct levels of UVC radiation to effectively kill target viruses and pathogens.     

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