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Quality clean air - Terminal HEPA filter housing by Vivid Air

If you are looking for an application that supplies the highest quality clean air directly to the equipment or clean room where it is required, the Terminal HEPA filter Housing is your answer.

This air filter housing is designed to fit standard HEPA filters directly into an air duct system. It allows the air coming from the Air Handling Unit to be HEPA filtered before it enters the area of need.

Terminal HEPA Filter Housing

What makes this housing unique is the attention to design detail and a failsafe double bend filter sealing face forming an integral part of the housing.

Mounting brackets that come with the housing are fitted with factory made holes which allow the housing to be installed to a solid ceiling. These brackets are removable making installation into existing ceilings very easy.

The air filter housing has been designed in such a way to allow changing of HEPA filters to take place from inside the clean room which means minimal system downtime.

Changing of the HEPA filter is done by removing the grille and removable clips which release the filter from its sealing face.

A side or rear end withdrawal system has been formulated for certain applications where changing HEPA filters inside of the clean room may compromise its integrity.

A circular spigoted (plugged) connection which is situated at the back of the filter housing allows airflow to enter the housing. If there is limited void space in the roof, a rectangular side entry may be used.

Advantages of a Terminal HEPA filter housing

  • Provides airflow for a clean room that is not unidirectional
  • Supply air Grills are interchangeable – directional – swirl – linear slot.
  • High levels of airflow
  • No tools required for maintenance
  • Design is economical
  • Air diffusion options are more versatile

Vivid Air - HEPA Filters Cape Town, South Africa

Vivid Air are suppliers and manufacturers of the highest quality clean air equipment including HEPA Filters and Terminal HEPA filter housings and we provide comprehensive technical support with any product purchased from us.

For more information about our products, please contact us.

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