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HEPA Filters - The importance of air quality for hospital patients

Although hospitals and healthcare facilities are where people go to get better, there is often the risk of picking up an infection while in hospital. Correct ventilation design and HEPA filters help avoid this from happening.

Having high quality air which is well filtered and distributed throughout the building is absolutely crucial in maintaining the health and well-being of patients, staff and even visitors.

Hospital Ventilation - HEPA Filters for TB Clinics

HEPA filters – Hospital air filtration systems

HEPA stands for high efficiency particulate air. These filters work by forcing air through an extremely fine mesh which traps harmful particles, ensuring the cleanest possible air is released back into the environment.

Indoor air quality in hospitals and other healthcare facilities is critical for several reasons. The most obvious is that airborne bacteria and viruses can easily spread infection due to the enclosed spaces of the facility.

However, even the smell of cooking food from the canteen can negatively impact air quality.

Furthermore, the medical waste incinerator can also release certain particles into the air which compromises the quality of the air in hospitals.

Air quality standards for hospitals

Air filters in hospitals and TB clinics especially, play an important role in maintaining the strict hygiene and safety standards which are set out by the Department of Health.

TB clinics that lack efficient ventilation and filter systems, pose an obvious risk to staff and patients.

Healthcare workers are exposed to high concentrations of hazardous airborne germs in facilities that do not have correct ventilation and air change rates in overcrowded wards.  

As the country with the third highest incidence of TB, we can easily see why having effective air filtration systems such as HEPA filters in TB clinics is important and may drastically reduce the rate of infection in the country.

Contracting pulmonary Tuberculosis is as easy as breathing in air droplets from a cough or a sneeze which travel as far as 6 and 8 metres respectively and can stay suspended in air for up to 10 minutes.

Having the correct ventilation and HEPA filters in healthcare facilities will effectively remove the majority of bacteria from the air, thereby minimising the spread of infection.

Importance of HEPA filters in hospitals and TB clinics


  • They preserve air quality by keeping it clean and free from harmful airborne particles
  • Contaminated air is efficiently filtered, reducing hospital acquired infections
  • They provide utmost patient, visitor and staff protection
  • Protection of vulnerable patients such as those who have severely compromised immunities as well the geriatrics and infants


Vivid Air – Suppliers of HEPA filters in South Africa

At Vivid Air we understand that high quality, well filtered air in hospitals, TB clinics and other healthcare facilities is of paramount importance.

We supply a wide variety of high-end air filtration equipment and products, including HEPA filters which are an important part of any clean room environment.

Contact us for more information regarding our products.

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