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Key features & purpose of a dispensing booth inside a clean room

A dispensing booth, also known as a weighing or sampling booth, is widely used in any industry where total air sterility is of utmost importance.

These industries include pharmaceutical, medical and food industries as well as laboratories and other areas where scientific activities are carried out.

The purpose of a dispensing booth

Uncompromised air sterility is the main purpose of a dispensing booth.

Preventing cross contamination of active ingredients is also of utmost importance.  

Dispensing booths are placed inside of an existing clean room which then creates an area to work in which contains a much higher class of cleanliness.

These booths are designed for the weighing, filling, re-filling and sampling of raw materials.

The booth is fitted with a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter which is designed to effectively filter out airborne particles and pathogens.

It’s through this air filtration technique that the product, operator and the environment are protected from contamination.

How does a dispensing booth work?

HEPA filtered air enters the work room through ceiling air grills and flows in a downward, unidirectional flow.

The air moves to the lower non-working area of the booth and enters into the low level intake grid of the HEPA fan filter unit.

This airflow eliminates the formation of explosive mixtures inside the booth and it ensures the quick removal of formed aerosols and powders, preventing them from accumulating in the work area or the external clean room.

Dispensing booth features

  • Constant volume blowers ensure stable air flow
  • HEPA filters are replaceable from inside the booth
  • Special gauges provide a reliable method of monitoring air flow and filter condition
  • Easy to clean
  • Verified containment performance
  • Low noise levels
  • Can accommodate floor and table balances
  • Good lighting
  • Adequate Electrical socket outlets.

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