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Fume Extraction Fans for Toxic or Corrosive Environments

Fume extraction fans are fitted to local exhaust ventilation systems (LEV) which remove gas, vapour, mist, dust and fumes out of the environment.

By extracting corrosive or toxic fumes from the air, user safety is enhanced.

Fume extraction fans South Africa

Where are Fume Extraction Fans Used?

These systems are most commonly used in areas where corrosive or toxic materials are present and pose a health and safety risk to personnel.

Chemical Laboratories

Chemical labs have an inherently higher risk profile due to the various chemicals used for a vast number of operations.

The use of fume extraction fans in these environments is essential in ensuring that the highest level of safety is provided for any person using hazardous gaseous or volatile chemicals or materials.


Generally speaking, large quantities of formalin are used in pathological anatomy laboratories. Formalin is highly irritating to the eyes as well as the respiratory system.

Anti-corrosion exhaust fans are absolutely essential in these environments to protect users from health risks by inhalation.

Indoor Swimming Pools

Chlorine usage creates a particularly harsh environment. This is mostly because the chemical composition of chlorine is heavier than air and it tends to settle on the surface of the water.

Children and adolescents are most commonly at risk as they tend to spend extended periods of time in the water.

Therefore, it’s imperative that these pollutants are adequately extracted from these environments.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Clean rooms are an integral part of the operations of pharmaceutical manufacturing and testing. Any air-borne contaminant that finds its way into a product has the potential of compromising the stability or efficacy of the product.

Furthermore, when mixing potentially harmful substances, the operator is at risk of inhaling harmful fumes or powdered particles.

All clean rooms are equipped with an air handling units and fume exhaust fans are fundamental components of such units.

Water Treatment Industry

Water treatment facilities have the potential to release toxic gases into the atmosphere due to the process they follow to treat water.

Anti-corrosion exhaust fans remove these toxic fumes from the air and prevents them from entering the atmosphere.

Oil and Petrochemical Industry

Due to the flammable nature of the chemicals and gases used in the oil industry, the health and safety risks are severe and include asphyxiation, fire or explosion.

The petroleum industry’s atmosphere is toxic and considered explosive and for this reason, high powered extraction fans are required to ensure maximum safety in these environments.

What do Fume Extraction Fans do?

In areas where there is a risk of pollutants or corrosive fumes in the air, fume extraction fans:

  • Collect the contaminated air
  • Contain the contaminants as they are transported away from the source
  • Force the contaminants through ducting or filtration systems
  • Discharge the air in a controlled way

Local Exhaust Ventilation System

The exhaust fan must be of adequate size in order to deliver sufficient extraction from the hood or capture devise.

The fan powers the extraction system through which air is moved from the contaminated area in the hood through the ducting system to finally arrive at the discharge point where the extracted air is released into a safe environment.

Depending on the type of facility or environment, the extracted air may need to be filtered before it can be released.

What to Consider when Selecting the Correct Fume Extraction Fan

  • The flammability or combustibility of the air
  • The type of substance in the contaminated area
  • Space limitations
  • The required airflow
  • The characteristics of the system’s resistance
  • The operating temperature
  • Mounting method
  • The characteristics of fan pressure
  • The regulatory noise level limits
  • The electrical requirement

Vivid Air – Clean Air Equipment South Africa

We understand the potential health and safety risks that may arise from a poorly controlled environment.

We therefore take clean air extremely seriously. We supply and manufacture only the highest quality clean air equipment, including fume extraction fans.

To find out more about the type of extraction fan, which is best suited to your environment, please feel free to contact us.

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