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Gas Absorption and Scrubber Units

Wet Scrubbers: The Importance of Proper Use and Maintenance

Wet scrubbers play a crucial role in the safe discharge of exhaust emissions from industrial workshops, laboratories and manufacturing facilities by removing particles and harmful gases from the discharged air-stream, they help keep workers, the premises and the surrounding environment safe from contaminants.

Wet scrubbers require regular maintenance, a portion of the responsibility for which rests on the shoulders of the customer.

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Perchloric Acid Hazards, Wet Scrubbers & Fume Extraction Cabinets

The primary function of a Fume Cupboard is to ensure operator protection while also removing hazardous chemical fumes, gases and vapours, and then safely discharging them into the atmosphere.

Additionally, Fume Cupboards act as physical barriers between the laboratory and reactions. This offers protection and containment against spills, explosions, reactions and fires.

In this article, we will be discussing the hazards of perchloric acid and the importance of selecting a scrubber for your Fume Extraction Cabinet’s acid digestions.

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