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Fume Extraction Cabinets

Safety First: Customized Fume Extraction Cabinet for Hormone Manufacturer

During the briefing, our client who requested a customized design, explained that they would be working with hormones in the Fume Extraction Cabinet. As a result, we needed to ensure that anyone operating the cabinet, as well as the surrounding environment, would be well protected.

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Positive and Negative Air pressurisation for Fan Filter Units

As we manage the Corona Virus Pandemic, the sterility of our environments as well as the air quality around us must be assessed. This pandemic will burden our society for some time to come and the World Health Organisation has advised that rooms be adequately ventilated when dealing with the Corona Virus. 

Cleanrooms, Laboratories and Isolation Wards use various methods to ensure sterile and safe environments when handling infectious substances.

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HVAC Systems – Unidirectional flow benches – Biohazard cabinets

To compensate for system pressure fluctuations, constant Volume (CV) fans maintain a set output. This is beneficial to maintaining installation design parameters for HVAC and cleanroom applications.

In this article, Vivid Air explains the benefits of installing CV fans, in particular the Direct Driven Centrifugal Fan.

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Perchloric Acid Hazards, Wet Scrubbers & Fume Extraction Cabinets

The primary function of a Fume Cupboard is to ensure operator protection while also removing hazardous chemical fumes, gases and vapours, and then safely discharging them into the atmosphere.

Additionally, Fume Cupboards act as physical barriers between the laboratory and reactions. This offers protection and containment against spills, explosions, reactions and fires.

In this article, we will be discussing the hazards of perchloric acid and the importance of selecting a scrubber for your Fume Extraction Cabinet’s acid digestions.

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Purchasing a Fume Extraction Cabinet (FEC)

A fume cabinet, primarily used for containing chemicals, is a box-like ventilation device with a sash window. It provides partial containment of chemical fumes, vapors and gases, as well as particulate matter, preventing exposure and guarding personnel against spills, fires and other reactions. A fume cabinet works in one of two ways. Some draw air in from the laboratory and exhaust the diluted fumes outside into the environment where they are safely dispersed. Others release the air back into the laboratory after it has been sufficiently filtered.

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